Kitty Klinic
4411 Lacey Blvd SE
Lacey, WA 98503
In-Home Patient Care and Transportation

Kitty Klinic wants to help you provide the best medical care for your cat or small exotic pet. We want to address the many pets that are difficult to crate and transport by doing that task for you.

You only need to confine your pet to one room with only a few hiding places and we will do the rest. The team of two staff members will provide the equipment, expertise and 30 minutes of their time to catch and crate your pet for transport or to provide services.

We offer transportation for your pet to and from the clinic or the Kitty Komfort-inn for Veterinary examination, vaccination, diagnostic testing, surgery, or boarding. Unfortunately, we can't provide taxi service for pet owners.

In-home care includes the following:
The in-home care services will be available as well as phone consultations with the veterinarian.

Please call for charges: 360.456.5603

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